Stubbåsen's Trodur

20.6.1992 - 30.4.2005

Bosse at 9 yrs, photo: Turid Stamnes


Bosse about 7 years old

Bosse was my first Border, and he quickly tought me how wonderful this breed can be.
He was born in June 1992, and he came to us when he was 10 months old.

Bosse left this world in April 2005, and that with dignity.
He will probably always be what I would call a 'true' and 'ideal' Border Terrier, especially when it comes to temperament and dignity.
I'll never forget how terrified I was when he managed to run away (always to hunt 'something'),
and how relieved I was when he came home without any trace of having had an encounter with a badger.
Throughout his life he was mostly a very healthy dog, except for a few 'facelifts' (caused by his 'love' for badgers),
and a slipped disc, when he was 10 years old, that paralyced his rear part totally.
The slipped disc was cured by 'time' and acupunture, and he could barely use his hind legs before he tried to run away to hunt again.

Bosse was a truly unique dog, that never will be forgotten!

Bosse at 10,5 yrs old

10,5 years old:-)                    Sunbathing

Bosse 9 yrs old

His favourite thing to do was to hunt foxes, badgers, roedeer, cats or whatever he could find in the forest around here.
Sadly, he lost his lower lip to a badger when he was younger (followed by several weeks at the Uni Veterinary hospital), that's why his chin looks so strange.

Bosse 6 yrs old


Bosse 8 yrs old

Bosse was a very typical Border Terrier with lots of dignity and a wonderful temperament.
At home he also loved to sleep on the couch and to watch for any interesting creatures through the window.
Up to the end at nearly 13, he still would do anything to be allowed to get out there and work;-)

Pedigree Bosses pedigree