Lutrabeck Song

                                                                                                           8.6.1995 - 29.12.2007

Lutrabeck Song, aka Ellie, came to me in Sept. 2001, 6 years old.

I'm very grateful to Bob and Carey Hand for letting me have her. Ellie is a very sweet and loving lady. She is a typical Border, with lots of dignity.

One of her favourite things to do is searching for roedeer in the woods around here, and being cuddled.

It would be wrong not to mention that she also loves her food ;-)

Ellie 7 years

Ellie, 7 years old and newly stripped.

Ellie resting

After a hard day,
a snooze is always worthwhile!
And then you can get back
to looking for food!

Ellie 7 yrs

My niece Kine with Ellie, summer -03

My niece Kine with Ellie, summer -03,
photo: Per Arne Grøtterød

Ellie, 2 yrs.          Ellie in the woods, summer -02

A young Ellie, picture by Bob Hand        Ellie in the woods, summer -02, photo: Per Arne Grøtterød

Pedigree Ellies pedigree

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