Trollkjelen Picture Gallery

My house, winter -02 Max Easter -88 Max and I, Easter -88
Troll, sweet when sleeping I'm sure that there must be something down here... Innocent?  I don't think so...

Troll and Bosse playing Trixi being herself Dawn by 'lake Farris'
Abra 9 months Tutti (my best friends Giant Schnauzer) and I, when I was about 10 yrs old My dobe bitch Cass and I, Easter -92

Trixi Abra 6 months old Troll teaching Abra how to kill pink toys
Dawn and Abra playing Cassandra in the mountains, Oct. 1992 Max on Blefjell, summer 1991

Abra 5 weeks old Bosse relaxing Cass and I walking in Trollheimen
Trixi It's lovely underneath the oven in the kitchen Bosse in the woods 1996

Abra December 03 Lovely summerview Bosse and Troll, summer 2000
Abra 20 weeks old Troll 13 months old. Photo: Turid H. Stamnes Troll in Sept. 2000

Hard work killing a tiger, Abra 8 weeks old. Now into killing bananas, Christmas -03 Bosse at the kitchen table at my parents house
Ellie skiing with my parents, January -04 Bosse Troll after tracking a mink, 6 months old. Photo: Reidun Stensrud