NCH FINCH Dundarroch Little My

My 13 months old

'Dundarroch Little My' was born at Annika Janssons in Finland July 2nd, 2005.

She's by FIN DK NORDCH FINJCH Borderhouse Quincy & FIN ESTCH FINJW-01 ESTW-02-03 Gameway Ysobel
and came to me in 'exchange' for Trollkjelens Biola.

'My', 7,5 months old, after her arrival in Norway

'My' in March 2006, 8 months old

'My' right after her arrival in Norway, resp. 7,5 and 8 months old.

'My' carries her name with a right (from the Moomin stories), she's a very determend young lady and has tons of energy.
We've just started with earthdogtraining, something she really enjoys.
So far she's been entered at 3 shows (13 months old), with the results of 2 CC's, one BOB and one BOS.

'My' after her first show

'My' after her first show in July 2006, where she gained her first CC and BOS.

Photo:  Annika Jansson

'My' 2,5 months old, Photo:  Annika Jansson

'My' at home in Finland, resp. 3 and 2,5 months old. Photo: Annika Jansson

Photo:  Annika Jansson

'My' the naughty one......Photo: Annika Jansson

Photo:  Annika Jansson

'My' and her littersister 'Dundarroch Mymble' aka 'Fiona'. Photo: Annika Jansson

Pedigree 'Mys' pedigree