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Picer New Dawn came to Norway today! She's by Conundrum Co-Writer and Picer Crackerjill, and we're having great hopes for her!
A big Thank You to Sharon and Graham Pickering for letting me have this little treasure!
Dawn will have her own page on this site, I'll just collect and find the right pictures first :-)
Photo:  Finn Rasmussen

Conundrum Norwegian Wood, Troll is 10 years old today! I can hardly believe that my little Trollbaby is becoming a 'grown man'!
Photo:  Finn Rasmussen

Dundarroch Lille My is 4 years old today! My little girl!

Trollkjelens Abra is 7 years old today! It's amazing how quickly the time has passed since she was born!
Abra 7 yrs

Dundarroch Little My, was rewarded with a CC and BOB at a show in Heinola, Finland, and gained her Finnish Show title, FINCH
Thanks to the judge; Natalja Nekrosiene

My, Finnish Show Champion 17.08.2008
Photo: Annika Jansson, Finland

Trollkjelens Biola, Billie, got a D32 at an earthdogtrial in Finland today.

Trollkjelens Biola, Billie, came 3rd i an agility competition, class 2 mini, in Helsinki, Finland today.
The judge was Anders Virtanen. The idealtime was 52 sec., whilst Billies time was 48,49 sec. and 5 faults.
Congratulations Annika, well done!
Photo:  Annika Jansson
Trollkjelens Biola, Billie, came 3rd i an agility competition, class 2, in Helsinki, Finland today.
The judge was E.Muotka/ A. Savioja. The idealtime was 53 sec., whilst Billies time was 48.61 sec. and 0 faults.
Congratulations Annika, well done!
Billie with some of her winnings
Photo: Annika Jansson

Trollkjelens Biola, Billie, won an agilitycompetion, class 2, in Åbo, Finland today.
The judge was Johanna Nyberg and the idealtime was 49 sec., while Billie won with 44.97 sec. and 0 faults.
Congratulations Annika!
Billie 12.04.2008
Billie 12.04.08, Photo: Annika Jansson

Lutrabeck Song, Ellie, left this life, 12,5 year old.
She didn't feel good the last couple of months and we let her go with dignity. Ellie will be greatly missed.
Ellie loved getting a massage!
Ellie loved having a massage, May 2007.

What a weekend!
Dundarroch Little My became BOB with a CC, CACIB at the Norw. Kennelclubs int. show near Stavanger!
By this My gained her Norwegian Show Champion title: NUCH
At the same time, in Borgå, Finland, Trolls son, Dundarroch Grand Opening (Andy) became BOB with a CC and is now
a Finnish showchampion (FINUCH) and Mys littersister FIN Ch D. Mymble (Fiona) became BOS.
My NUCH 8.9.2007Photo:  Turid H. Stamnes Photo: Turid H. Stamnes
Thanks to the judges; Annamaria Tarjan, Hungary (My) and Evelyn Hurley, Ireland (Andy).
Also thanks and congratulations to the breeder Annika Jansson and Andys owners Lena, Matti and Juha Hyppönen!
I'm thrilled for you!
Andy FIN Ch 8.9.2007;  Photo Matti Hyppönen
Andy 8.9.2007, foto: Matti Hyppönen

On Sunday, 9.9. Trollkjelens Biola advanced to class 2 in agility.
Well done!!
Billie at ag-trial in Finland 9.9.2007;  Photo: Krista Nyman
Billie 9.9.2007, foto: Krista Nyman

Dundarroch Little My is 2 years old! Thanks to Annika (breeder) for her new collar !
My 2 yrs.

2. og 3.6.2007:
Trollkjelens Biola became 2nd best bitch with CC in Tallinn, Estonia (Estonian Terrier Specialty Show) on Saturday.
The judge was J. Butkiene (Lituania)
On Sunday, The Estonian Winner Show, she gained a 1st prize by judge C. Bogovci (Slovenia)
Billie in Tallinn
Photo: Kirsi Viitaasari / Annika Jansson.

Dundarroch Little My won the 'Showdog of the year 2006' by Larvik og Omegns Hundeklubb
(my local allbreed dogclub.)!
Dundarroch Little My

Dundarroch Little My was shown at NKK's international show in Bø in Telemark and became
2nd best bitch with CK and res. Cacib. The judge was Gerry Hickey, Irland.

Trollkjelens Biola has been entered at her first official agilitytrial in Helsinki.
She ended as no. 5 out of 42.

Her 1/2 brother Dundarroch Hot Order (Yoda)(also by Troll) did even better and won the class!

WELL DONE to the owners!

Billie had a test where they check if the dog will enter an empty natural den in Vihtis,
Finland today and passed! The judge was Lauri Rostedt. Lots of congrats Annika!

Billie has been entered at an unofficial agilitytrial (her first trial) in Finland,
and won her class with the time 30,5 sec. The idealtime was 45 sec.
Congratulations and well done Annika!

Abra is 5 years old today!

Timmi has been hunting wood grouse! Again, thanks for the lovely pictures, Asbjørn!
Timmi with a wood grouse

Trollkjelens Biola (Billie) gained CK (Champion quality) at the Finnish Terrierspecialty in Hyvinge.
The judge was Peter Bakewell, UK.
Trollkjelens Biola, photo: Annika Jansson

Trollkjelens Bamsemums; Timmi, has been minkhunting! Well done, and thanks for the pictures, Asbjørn!
Timmi after a successful minkhunt
Norsk Terrier Klub, Kristiansand: My gained her second CC and became BOB!
Thanks to the judge Hans Van Den Berg, Holland.

On the same day, Trolls son Warro (Dundarroch First Born) became BOS in Tallinn, Estonia.
He can now add to his title EST CH and ESTW-06, and his full title is FINJCH, FIN and ESTUCH and
NORDW-05 and ESTW-06! Lots of congratulations to the owners Sari and Sini and of course the proud breeder Annika!

NKK, Bjerke in Oslo: My gained a 1st price in the junior bitch class. The judge was Svante Frisk, Sweden

Trolls son, FINJCH FINUCH NORDV-05 Dundarroch First Born became BOB at an international
show in Kuopio, Finland today! LOADS of CONGRATULATIONS!

A summergreeting from Billie, who's got a new collar !
Billie, photo: Annika Jansson Billie, photo: Annika Jansson

DUNDARROCH LITTLE MY was entered at her first official show today, at Mosseutstillingen in Moss,
and ended up with a CC and BOS! Thanks to the judge, Dodo Sandahl, Sweden.
My 290706

BILLIE became BOB, and gained her first Finnish CC in Helsinki today! The judge was Keith Chronchey, Australia
Annika also showed her older bitch CH Foxforest Go For It as a veteran and she ended up as BIS2 Veteran!
Congratulations and Well Done Annika

Photo by Annika Jansson Photo by Annika Jansson
Photos showes Billie and                             Goofy(left) and Billie(right).
Both photos by: Annika Jansson, Finland

TROLL is 7 yrs old today, and a Veteran! I can hardly believe how fast the time has passed since he was born!

BILLIE became BOB, gained both CC and CACIB (internat.CC) in St. Petersburg, Russia today!
Congratulations and thanks to Annika, who also won BOS with CC and CACIB on
her Swedish bred male Hux Flux Gilbert Granat at the same show!
Billie after her win in St. Petersburg Billies prices
Billie at home after a long trip to Russia, where she won a bottle of beer, lol!
Photos: Annika Jansson, Finland

TROLLKJELENS BIOLA was enteret at her second official show in Aptus, Finland.
She gained a CK (Champion Quality) and came 3rd in the juniorclass. The judge was
Eileen Needham, UK.

it's amazing how fast the time has passed!
Trollkjelens Biola 1 year old. Photo: Annika Jansson
The picture is of Billie, taken 19th of March by Annika Jansson in Finland.

DUNDARROCH LITTLE MY (now 8,5 months old) was shown at her first puppyshow at
Grenland Hundeklubb (inofficial until they are 9 months old) and she became
BOB and Group 2nd! Thanks to the judge Steinar Balken.

TROLLKJELENS BIOLA was enteret at her first official show in Tampere, Finland.
She got a CK (Champion Quality) and came 3rd in the juniorclass. The judge was
Mats Lindborg from Sweden.

Mys littersister DUNDARROCH MYMBLE, or Fiona as she's called, became BOB puppy
(inofficial) at the same show in Finland!

This girl bows to no one, and never is fearful. Be she plaintive or joyous,
downhearted or cheerful. The name Little My, forget may you never.
She is charming and peppery, faithful forever.

Tove Jansson: The Moomin valley songbook, the song of Little My.

Dundarroch Little My has finally arrived! She's a tough little girl, who lives
up to her name.
She was totally cool and actually enjoyed the airport, the flight and slept like
a log in the car back home.
Thanks a million, Annika, for this bundle of joy!
Dundarroch Little My 3 months and Trollkjelens Biola 6 months old, photo by Annika Jansson, Finland
My being trained by Billie to do mischief, photo by Annika Jansson, Finland.

I'm thrilled to report that Trolls son FINJCH FINUCH Dundarroch First Born (by Foxforest Go For It)
became the mostwinning Border Terrier in Finland in 2005!
Congratulations to the proud breeder Annika Jansson, kennel Dundarroch and to the owners
Sari Ankkuri-Mäki and Sini Lindroos (Flagstones)!
'Warro' won the most prestigious shows in Finland in 2005, the Border Day in June,
The Terrier Specialty in September and the Nordic Winner Show in December.
I'm very proud of what you've achieved this year!
These pictures were taken by Sini Lindroos, Kennel Flagstones when Warro won the
Finnish Border Day in June.

Trolls son FINJCH FINUCH Dundarroch First Born became BOB and NORDIC WINNER 2005 at
a show in Helsinki today!
Congratulations to the proud breeder Annika Jansson, kennel Dundarroch and to the owners
Sari Ankkuri-Mäki and Sini Lindroos (Flagstones)!

Trolls son Dundarroch Showtime (by Foxforest Go For It, bred by Annika Jansson in Finland)
is now ready to start competing in class 3 (the highest) in agility. Rasmus is owned by
Jaane Vahlstedt in Finland, and I believe that it is her husband that runs agility with him.
Congratulations and Good luck in the future to you! Well done!!!
Photo by: Jari Nevalainen, Finland
Photo: Jari Nevalainen, Finland

I've received some pictures of Timmi (Bamsemums) who lives in Stavanger.
Thanks to Asbjørn for sending them!
Photo: Asbjørn Knudsen
Timmi ca 6,5 months old.
Photo: Asbjørn Knudsen
Timmi out hunting, ca 5 months old
Photo: Asbjørn Knudsen
Timmi 8 weeks old.

Billie (Biola) has had her eyes tested and are cleared, Thanks Annika!
Photo by Annika Jansson

I've just come home from a visit to Annika Jansson, kennel Dundarroch in Finland,
where I've seen Biola, or Billie as she's now called.
Billie has now passed 5 months, and is not a small baby girl any more.
Bllie (Biola) 5 mths + 1 week old

Trollkjelens Biola became no. 2 in her class and got a 'very promising', at the Finnish *Young Borderday*.
There were 41 bitches entered, and only 12 gained a 'very promising', so I'm trilled that Biola
did so well, not even 5 months old. Congratulation and Thank You to the owner Annika Jansson!
But Annika did even better with her newly imported dog from Sweden, Hux Flux Gilbert Granat (7mths)
as he became BOB! Well done to both of you!
Gilbert is by Conundrum Tangled Up In Blue which again is a grandson of Trolls littersister Twist,
Conundrum Twist of Fate.
BOS became Flagstones Flying Witch sired by Dundarroch First Born, bred by Annika
and he again is sired by my Troll!!! Have a look at the results and pictures from the event HERE!
I'm thrilled that both the BOB and BOS has Twist and Troll in their lines :-)

One of Trolls sons, Dundarroch Grand Opening (by Foxforest Go For It), won his 2nd CC and BOB
at a show in Karjaa in Finland. Congratulations and Well Done to both Annika (breeder) and Lena (owner)!
DUNDARROCH GRAND OPENING, photo: Matti Hyppönen.
The judge was Rita Kadike-Skadina from Latvia

Warjo BOB 11.6.05
Trolls son FINJCH FINUCH Dundarroch First Born became BOB at
the Finnish Border Terrier Speciality!
Congratulations to the proud breeder Annika Jansson, kennel Dundarroch and to the owners
Sari Ankkuri-Mäki and Sini Lindroos!

Trollkjelens Biola has moved to Annika Jansson, Kennel Dundarroch in Finland.
It'll be awfully quiet around here now.......

Trollkjelens Baard Terje has moved to Jarle Lurud and Mette Eriksen in Oslo,
and Trollkjelens Bizkit, aka Retro, has moved to Even Wøllo and Kathinka Dysthe in Røyken.
Best wishes to you all! I hope that I'll see you again pretty soon!
Trollkjelens Biola is remaining here, until she moves to Finland i June.

Trollkjelens Bamsemums or Timmi as he'll be called, has today moved to Asbjørn Knudsen
and his family in Stavanger. I wish you all the best!
Bamsemums 9. mai, 6,5 week old.
Trollkjelens Bamsemums, picture taken Mai 9th, 6,5 week old.

Puppies with a fox tail
Yummy, a fox tail!

New pictures of the puppies, now 5,5 weeks old:
Trollkjelens Baard Terje Trollkjelens Biola
Trollkjelens Baard Terje                                              Trollkjelens Biola
Trollkjelens Bizkit Trollkjelens Bamsemums
Trollkjelens Bizkit                                                        Trollkjelens Bamsemums

Bosse was put to sleep today, almost 13 years old. He left this world with dignity,
something he definitely deserved, but he'll be terribly missed ....

The puppies went for their first carride! They all slept in their crate, and none of
them got carsick :-)

3,5 weeks old
The puppies are now 3,5 weeks old, and are becoming more and more fun every day.
They have now been introduced to food, but have absolutely no manners, they'd even sit in
their food! I think I'll have to have a serious talk with their mum, about their behaviour:-)

The puppies are 13 days old today, and have just opened their eyes.
Grizzle bitch
Grizzle & tan bitch
blue male
Blue & tan male
Grizzle male
Grizzle & tan male
Blue male
Blue & tan male


The puppies are now 11 days old, and are getting fatter and fatter :)

Abra gave birth to 4 puppies, 3 males and 1 bitch! Pedigree
Troll (Conundrum Norwegian Wood) is the sire of the litter.
Abra with puppies, 4 days old

One of Trolls Finnish puppies, Dundarroch First Born became BOB at an internasjonal show
in Finland today. He thereby gained his last CC and became a Finnish Show Ch. in addition
to his previous Finnish Working Ch title.
The 'doublechampion' Warjo is almost 2,5 years old and I would like to congratulate the owners
Sari Ankkuri-Mäki and Sini Lindroos and of course the breeder Annika Jansson a lot!!!
I'm thrilled with this boy:-)

Abra gained her 4th CC and became BOB at Sandefjord Hundeklubbs show.
We were lucky that Jane Parker, Conundrum, was visiting this weekend
and she agreed on showing Abra, something she did perfectly. Thanks Jane!
Thanks also to Annika Jansson who helped out with her super grooming skills:-)
The judge was Henrik Johansson, Sweden.
Abra is now a Norwegian Show Champion!

Abra gained her 3rd CC and became BOB at the NKC show at Otta.
The judge was Wenche Eikeseth from Norway!

One of Trolls puppies, Rockamore Witchcraft gained her 1st CC and became
2nd. best bitch at Askersund in Sweden. She was only 9 months and 2 days old!
Well done to Ulla and Sune Axelsson and Hexan!

Abra passed a "bronce-mark" test in agility. She has hardly been trained so I was
very pleased with her. Troll was also entered, but did not pass as he was far more
interested in saying hello to the judge ......

Troll gained a 1st quality price in the Norw. Terrierclubs earthdog trial :-)

New pictures of Trolls last litter, they are now 5 months old (photos: Kennel Rockamore):
Rockamore Witchcraft, HEXANRockamore Magician, BUIBUI :-)))
Rockamore Witchcraft (Hexan)                 Rockamore Magician, BUI         Guess who's looking like his dad?
                                                                (he's moving to Iceland!)

Abra got a 2nd price at the Norw. KC's show in Bø in Telemark. What else can you expect when
the bitch resembles a bag of potatoes in the ring:-) The judge was Sean Delmar from Ireland.

Abra gained her 2. CC and became BOB at Sandefjord Hundeklubbs show.
The judge was Dr. Wilfried Peper from Germany!

An unexpected guest in my kitchen at Christmas!
Have a look here (84k) or this larger picture (223k)

3 puppies (1+2) sired by Troll born at Kennel Rockamore in Sweden, the dam is "Meggie"
(SV-02 S N FINUCH NV-02 INTUCH Rockamore Lapinkulta)

Meggie with her babies, photo: Ulla & Sune Axelsson
Meggie with Rockamore Spellbound, R. Witchcraft og R. Magician.

5 puppies (1+4) sired by Troll born at Kennel Revesprengern, Knut and Birgitte Ullevoldsæter
in Drøbak, the dam is NORDJCH Bordysk Ace O'Spades.

Revesprengern's Cleopatra, 6 weeks old., Photo: Knut Ullevoldsæter
Revesprengern's Cleopatra, 6 weeks old.

Abra got a 2. price by Petter Fodstad at NKKs international show in Bø in Telemark.
She wouldn't show at all that day ;-)

Troll became BOB and Abra BOS (and gained her first CC) at the Norw. Boxerclubs show
at Ekeberg in Oslo:-) The judge was Wenche Eikeseth, Norway.

Troll became BOS and Abra a res. CC at the Norw. Schnauzer/Pincherclubs
show in Skedsmohallen. The judge was Martin Croeser from South Africa.

Troll became BOB and Abra got a 1st price with HP (very promising) by Carl Gunnar Stafberg
at the Norw. Dobermann Clubs show in Skedsmohallen.

4 puppies (3+1) sired by Troll born at Kennel Revesprengern, the dam is
FIN SJ(G)CH Revesprengern's Amalie.

Revesprengern's Bertine, 4 weeks old, Photo: Birgitte Ullevoldsæter
Revesprengern's Bertine, 4 weeks old.

Troll gained his 3rd and final CC and became BOB at Sandefjord Hundeklubbs show.
The judge was Antonio Rajo from Spain. The critique was written in spanish and I can't understand a word of it:-)
Troll is now a Norwegian and Finnish Working Champion and a Norwegian Show Champion!

6 puppies (6+0) sired by Troll, born at Kennel Dundarroch, Annika Jansson, in Finland.
The dam is "Goofy" (FIN EST LVCH LVV-00 Foxforest Go For It).
One of the pups, Dundarroch First Born or "Warjo" as he is called is
owned by
Kennel Flagstones

6 puppies (2-4) sired by Troll was born at Kennel Ovnsrøret, Steinar Waage that lived
in Finland at that point. The dam is FINJCH Revesprengern's Amanda.

(c) Siri Grøtterød 2008