Conundrum Norwegian Wood

Troll 10 months old

English bred, aka Troll, born in July 1999.

This young man is a very sweet dog with a lovely and very happy temperament.

He is also a good worker and became a Norwegian Working Champion before the age of 2 :)
Today his title is Norw. and Finnish working Champion and Norw. show Champion.

Thank you, Jane Parker of Conundrum Border Terriers for letting me have this charming boy! He is a joy to have around;-)

Troll at 3 months

Troll at 3 months,
and as an adult, taken by Bob Hand.

Photo: Bob Hand

Troll, 2 yrs old

Troll at 2 yrs old

Troll 2 yrs old

Pedigree Trolls pedigree